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We’ve invested in so many great teams across a range of industries from fin-tech to SaaS to IoT security, and from data APIs to virtual reality. While we are broad in our remit — we back ambitious teams solving genuine problems that enhance the way we live and work.

We’re looking to back the companies that will be at the front of this, either directly or by enabling it to happen by building the infrastructure, networks or tools to make it work. Below are the companies that have publicly announced their investment rounds.


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It’s never too early to start your conversation with Rampersand. We’ve known many of the companies we invested in long before they launched. And there are a fair few we met and decided almost immediately we had to get involved. You don’t need to be raising to get on our radar.

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Our portfolio

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AmazingCo is a tech-enabled platform for people to plan fun and fulfilling experiences. We led their Series A as they brings tech to a fragmented industry at global scale. Read more about the company in the AFR.

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We were the first fund to invest in Assembly Payments. It is a unified commerce system for online platforms and financial institutions. We’ve invested in every round since. Read about the 2016 raise in TechCrunch.

Expert360-co-founders-Emily-Yue-and-Bridget-Loudon 2.jpeg


We were the first fund to invest in Expert360. It has grown into a Saas-enabled marketplace used by leading companies to manage their contingent workforce. Read more about the first raise in the AFR.



Goterra is a data-driven robotics startup that harnesses the power of maggots to process food waste. Automated capsules will be installed at locations such as farms and shopping malls. Read more about Goterra in the AFR.

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We invested in Mentorloop’s seed round in 2017. Mentorloop is a platform enabling organisations to launch and manage effective mentoring programs. Read more about it in The Sydney Morning Herald.

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PredictHQ is a demand intelligence API used by companies like Uber and Booking.com to understand catalysts of demand. We were the first fund to invest and invested again in their Series A with Lightspeed Ventures and Aspect Ventures.



Predictive Hire builds analytics models to enable better hiring decisions to reduce employee turnover, increase productivity and improve diversity. We invested in 2016 and again in 2018 Get to know them better in StartupDaily.

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Sendle provides door-to-door parcel delivery for small and medium businesses. Its platform connects a network of couriers allowing it to operate virtually while optimising for cost and service levels. We invested in 2016 and in 2019.



Skedulo is a mobile workforce scheduling and management application now based in San Francisco. We first invested in Skedulo in 2015. They are growing very quickly, and you can read the founder’s advice on marketing and growth in Forbes.



Spaceship is an Australian fintech disrupting the investment management industry by engaging and educating young people. We invested in their 2016 round that was covered by the AFR.

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We first invested in Stackle in 2014 and followed on since. Stackla is a platform that allows companies to harness the content generated by its customers, and use that content in its marketing activities. Check out the Stackla product in action in Fast Company.

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Tiger Pistol

Tiger Pistol is a social media marketing platform that enables hyper local, targeted campaigns that auto-optimise. We first invested in 2016. Find out more about the company in this TechCrunch article.